National Life Chain Sunday 2013 – October 6

On National Life Chain Sunday 2013—October 6, from 2:00 to 3:30 PM in each time zone across America and Canada—sidewalks in 1550 cities and towns will again proclaim Life Chain’s irrefutable messages, among them Abortion Kills Children, Adoption: The Loving Option, Jesus Forgives and Heals, and Abortion Hurts Women. Life Chain is devoted foremost to prayer, but wise participants understand that prayer to end abortion is of limited value before God unless accompanied by love that will battle legal child killing and defend forsaken Preborns committedly.

Pro-life’s two leading stories in 2013, Life Chain’s 26th year, are unchanged in America and Canada: Abortions remain numerous, and the church remains bound by deception and apathy. All the while God mercifully waits. He waits to work through His sons and daughters to end the unspeakable horror, but the ears of His church do not hear and the eyes of His church do not see. The result is a church imprinted by shame from a calamity much greater in scope than the German Holocaust. While 56 million chiefly surgical abortions have been reported in America and 3 million in Canada, the actual numbers are much higher, and hidden deaths from the abortive chemicals in birth controls may exceed the surgical deaths.

When, O Lord, will the most essential leadership emerge? When will your clergy realize their accountability and discern the humanity of rejected Preborns in each community? When will they unite, plan, and mobilize their people against the horrendous evil of child mutilation? The cogent document “Defining the Pro-Life Pastor” declares: “America doesn’t need more ‘pro-life pastors’. Over 300,000 are serving today, and our culture is collapsing beneath an unconscionable scourge that’s killed preborn Americans by the tens of millions.” The document’s resounding cry is for America’s many gifted pastors to end their passivity and display what Pro-Life truly means, namely “…humility, integrity, compassion, wisdom, courage, action, and resolve—which bond into unassailable love for imperiled preborn children.”

Mindful, therefore, that no church ministry exceeds our obligation to love our neighbors, born and preborn, and to “rescue those led to slaughter,” Life Chain urges clergy to provide essential leadership by applying both their strategic skills and their broad (often exclusive) control over the values and interests promoted in their sanctuaries. For decades, the powerful spiritual forces sustaining the abortion holocaust have cleverly manipulated pastoral priorities and schedules; and it is vital that pastors find deliverance from unawareness and denial, from timidity and self-interest, and from preoccupations that betray the church’s duty to meet the urgent needs of Preborns threatened by abortion’s unbounded cruelty.

The solution in each community is a triumphant church that “the gates of Hades cannot prevail against,” and on National Life Chain Sunday 2013, pastors in each local area are urged to lead their people to the nearest Life Chain to intercede against the spiritual forces that sustain legal child-killing and corrupt our culture through multiple means. Life Chains occur in other nations on different dates, and all Chains are peaceful. More than 20,000 have been held thus far, and no known pro-lifer has been cited or arrested. For that record, Life Chain credits God’s faithful help, and we praise Him with grateful hearts.