National Life Chain Sunday 2014 – October 5

National Life Chain Sunday, on October 5, will again occupy U.S. and Canadian sidewalks to provide a ‘visible voice’ for preborn children threatened by the surgical abortionists’ cruel instruments or by the deadly chemicals in abortive birth controls. The poignant messages for Life Chain’s 27th year of public witness will include Abortion Kills Children, Adoption the Loving Option, Jesus Forgives and Heals, and The Pill and IUD Also Kill Children. The location and time of the 1550 cities and towns participating will be posted at www.LifeChain.net.

In brief, Life Chain is an ecumenical prayer ministry rightly described as an afternoon extension of Sunday morning worship. Pastoral leadership is key, and the intent of each Chain is to provide God an outreach to anoint and work through. Only He can end the abortion holocaust now ravaging America and Canada, but for Him to do so, we must assume the duty He assigned to His church. As expressed by R. Arthur Matthews in Born for Battle, “without God man cannot” and “without man God will not.”

Let us, then, on October 5, bond with God’s sovereignty and resolve to defend the Preborns at risk in each local community. Of that duty, Pastor Curt Young wrote in The Least of These: “God declares that spiritual exercise counts for nothing when injustice is permitted to go unchecked. It is the muted cries of harm’s victims that reach His ears… Petitions from saints indifferent to these sounds that pierce God’s heart are hollow by comparison…Love

obliges us not only to care for neighbors who are the victims of injustice, but also to overcome the injustice itself so that other neighbors may be spared.”

In 1945, following the unspeakable pain and destruction imposed by the holocaust they witnessed. German church leaders wrote: “We did not fear God above all the powers of men and government; we did not trust and obey God unconditionally… That is what gave the demon of humanity free rein among us…. Before Him there cries out against us all the innocently shed blood, all the blaspheming of his Holy name, and all the inhumanities which occurred in our midst, especially against the Jews” (from The Berlin-Brandenburg Church Leadership Day of Repentance Petition).

National Life Chain Sunday 2014 affords us in America and Canada valuable time for confession. Let us use it earnestly and commit to save the children who rely so heavily on our partnership with God. And let us do more. Let’s end legal child-killing in our nation.