National Life Chain Sunday 2015 – October 4

On Sunday afternoon, October 4, Life Chains will again occupy U.S. and Canadian sidewalks. There we will pray and witness on behalf of voiceless fellow citizens—the precious Preborns imperiled by surgical mutilation and abortive birth controls. Each participant will hold a Life message (sign), and www.LifeChain.net will again post the location and time of each Chain.

Why build Life Chains? Each Chain is a prayerful, public testimony for God to anoint and work through to impact hearts and lives. Life Chains continue (our 28th year) because the children continue to die. The earth’s gravest injustice pursues them, and they die for want of defenders.

If truth be known, well over 100 million rejected Preborns have perished in the U.S. and Canada, and as pro-life servant, Flip Benham observed, “it takes a village” duly unified to ravage innocent humanity when vile, unjust killing is deemed “legal.” Law enforcement must agree to protect the killer and to disenable defenders who directly interfere, however honorably, with the brutalization of defenseless, lawful citizens. Health departments, school systems, elected officials, and civic organizations must find the killing either tolerable or praiseworthy. The adult citizenry (about 70% of the village residents) must do likewise. And, woefully, the Preborns’ last line of defense, the village church, must submit sufficiently to the “powers and principalities” of Ephesians 6 and allow unbiblical priorities to lure its duty and influence into years of détente with the spiritual forces that create and sustain holocausts. True to Edmund Burke, the horrendous villainy inflicted on the village Preborns endures because the inaction of “good people” shields it.

On October 4, let us remember the videos God produced through the Center for Medical Progress. Therein God revealed the abhorrent “face of abortion” through the deceptive and barbarous mind of Planned Parenthood. But God revealed more. To the church in America, Canada, and the other Western nations, especially, He revealed, as noted above, the horrid evil that we have shielded for decades¾evil that He commanded us to “expose” and “hate.”

Legal abortion will cease when the Church of Jesus Christ hates abortion enough to protect God’s future worshippers and end the carnage. On National Life Chain Sunday, let us implore God to anchor within us a deep hatred for abortion and to grow within us fervent compassion for vulnerable Preborns. Pastors who lead in that endeavor will be of enormous value to pro-life.

Accordingly, Pastors, please lead your congregations to the nearest Life Chain on October 4. There, let us pray: “Father God, please stir the passive hearts of us your professing sons and daughters. Intensify our hatred for abortion and endear to us your treasured Little Ones. Please, almighty God, inspire us to defend them with whatever sacrifice their urgent need requires.”