National Life Chain Sunday 2017 – October 1

Alone they cry, more millions die, their blood flows into night,
As darkness from a grievous peace consumes the village light; The court, the jail, the market, school, the civic club, the church
Abide amidst grim harmony and heed not mercy’s search.

How craftily passivity can bind our mind and heart
If we due graced with good intent do not due grace impart; What else as calm as apathy can feed a holocaust
That guards death’s bridge of unity but flees once love has crossed?

On October 1 National Life Chain Sunday 2017 will conduct our 30th annual prayer witness on “village” sidewalks throughout America and Canada. Our witness, Lord willing, will again change hearts, save lives, and further unveil the grievous curse of legal child killing in our two nations. The duty of ending the killing rests foremost with the church Christ founded and that is now entrusted to us. Were our resolve and courage anchored, God would redeem our limitations and grant victory for His glory.

When, then, will we of the Western democracies, the staunch advocates of human rights, discern our submission to the spiritual powers that create and nourish holocausts? When will we realize that it does “take a village,” an entire village, to sustain the carnage devouring our culture? Each village segment must contribute, either actively or passively, to the “grievous peace” that holocausts require. To succeed, holocausts must first subdue their chief opponent, the church; and the Western pulpit and pew began their incremental surrender years ago, as seen during U.S. slavery and Nazi aggression.

Will we permit today’s holocaust to profane God’s name interminably? Will law enforcement safeguard, evermore, the killers’ clinic doors and then punish lifesavers who interfere nobly and non-violently? Can no injustice shame us? Can no moral cause gain our sacrificial commitment? If abortion law were extended to two-year-olds, like unto Herod’s decree, would we resist or yield? Are preborns less deserving of life than two-year-olds? As to why we fail to shield our nation’s at-risk little ones, the answer has yearned to convict us in the U.S. for a half-century (1967-2017). We do not shield the defenseless children because we do not love them—the same reason why the church did not shield America’s slaves.

Participation on National Life Chain Sunday 2017 will again rely heavily on pastoral leadership in each city and town. Please pastors, preach Life and implore your congregation to stand with those “led away to slaughter.” Defy the dark powers that are binding the church. Shatter the “deadly peace” in your local “village.” Lead your congregation to your sidewalks on October 1 and lift up a witness for God to use as He purposes. Might the recent eclipse and current fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and war threats be alerting us?

Life Chain, while only a step, is a bold step. It is prayerful, peaceful, and adheres to a sturdy Code of Conduct. With over 25,000 Chains held in the U.S. and Canada since 1987, no Chainer has been charged with an illegal offense, and God has protected us masterfully, year by year. Please join us on October 1.