National Life Chain Sunday 2019 – October 6

National Life Chain Sunday 2019—a peaceful and prayerful pro-life witness—will be held on sidewalks throughout America and Canada on Sunday afternoon, October 6. The time and location for each Chain is posted state by state in the U.S. and province by province in Canada at www.LifeChain.net. The event’s free prep materials are at www.NationalLifeChain.org, and over 1570 cities and towns are scheduled to join National Life Chain Sunday 2019.

Life Chain began in rural California sister towns of Yuba City-Marysville in 1987, and each Chain is led by a local volunteer Coordinator. Intent on saving unwanted Preborns from abortion’s cruelty, participants hold signs that include Abortion Kills Children, Adoption the Loving Option, Abortion Hurts Women, Jesus Forgives and Heals, LIFE the First Inalienable Right, Support a Constitutional Life Amendment, and The Pill & IUD Also Kill Children.

Christian led and church focused, Life Chain is interfaith and welcomes everyone who upholds human Life from conception to death. While grateful for events that celebrate Life, National Life Chain Sunday is a time for silent public witness and solemn reflection on the grave injustice of legal child killing and the resultant cultural depravities. Given to prayer and meditation, participants space themselves for more mindful self-assessment and do not respond to either blessing or barb from passing motorists.

God has called us, His sons and daughters, to be a “peculiar people,” to be lights that penetrate the spiritual darkness of our day. Life Chain believes the scourge of legal abortion will end when the church Christ founded humbly embraces its core teaching about compassion and brotherly love.

Today, “Our great peril,” writes Pastor John Anderson in A Compassionate Roar: Raising An Urgent Voice In Our Window Of Mercy, “is that we have so seared our collective conscience that we are indifferent to our peril.” As the demonic powers anchoring abortion hasten our culture’s return to pre-Christian era paganism, we must of necessity confess our lukewarmness, sever the bondage that blinds and subdues us, and assume our God-appointed duty.

That duty is clearly stated by Pastor Curt Young in his timely book The Least of These. He writes: “In no uncertain terms God declares that spiritual exercise counts for nothing when injustice is permitted to go unchecked. It is the muted cries of harm’s victims that reach His ears. Their blood cries out to Him from the ground. Petitions from saints indifferent to these sounds that pierce God’s heart are hollow by comparison. Love not only requires us to care for neighbors who are victims of injustice but also to overcome the injustice itself so that other neighbors may be spared.”

To assume that duty requires no less than a triumphant-minded Church, and God is surely able and eager to empower us to end the “slaughter of the Innocents” in our local church communities and throughout our nation. May National Life Chain Sunday 2019 enable us to discern that urgency more compellingly and may it embolden each of us to declare with revered Christian warrior R. Arthur Matthews: “O Lord! Help me accept the fact that I am born for battle.”