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Our History


Life Chain 2020 marks the 33rd anniversary of Life Chain and is planned for  November 1st  in light of COVID-19 (while many chains will assemble on the traditional first Sunday in October,  October 4th ).

The first Life Chain, born through prayer, was built in 1987 by Please Let Me Live, a small pro-life ministry based in Yuba City, CA. Half the churches of Yuba and Sutter Counties occupied assigned sections of a three-mile route through sister cities Yuba City-Marysville, with 2,500 Christians holding Abortion Kills Children signs on both sides of the street. “It was good to stand for righteousness,” was a typical response from participants. “I felt God’s presence,” remarked others.

The Life Chain elevated the Life ministry to high respectability in Yuba-Sutter by helping to unite churches and to inform the local press, law enforcement, public officials, and the area citizenry about the unconscionable killing of preborn boys and girls. Today, surgical abortions are no longer performed in Yuba-Sutter.

In 1989, Bakersfield, CA built the second Life Chain with 7,500 participants from 101 churches. Soon other California cities followed. National Life Chain Sunday 1991 saw 373 chains built in the US with 771,000 participants. From 1995 through 1999 approximately 900 Life Chains were built annually in America and Canada combined, and while total attendance has declined significantly, emphasis on prayer and serious reflection on the current abortion holocaust has increased substantially.

In 2019 there were approximately 2,000 Life Chains across the US and Canada. There has been an increase in the pro-life awareness in part thanks to powerful truths about the sanctity of life as depicted in movies such as Unplanned, the story of Abby Johnson, a pro-life activist who formerly worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director. Another was the 2018 documentary of the abortion atrocities of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Exposing the truth on abortion was frequently a major media story in 2019.


The start of Life Chain’s second chapter includes a renewal of energy to bring churches, ministries and organizations together to build a praying powerhouse to end abortion.


After 33 years of devoted service, Life Chain founder, Royce E. Dunn steps down and installs Shannon Moloney, from Holland, Michigan, as the new national director.


For the next twenty years, Life Chain continues on growing its numbers gradually in new cities, building over 2,000 chains!


Life Chain holds at around 900 chains.

Celebrating LIFE at the 10th annual LIFE Chain event are participants of all ages in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Salem, Massachusetts had participants from more than 50 churches of various denominations. Hundreds of pro-life people lined the highly visible Lancaster Drive.
More than 10,000 participants at the fifth annual LIFE Chain in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There were more than 900 chains but lower number of participants from 1992.


There were more than 900 chains but lower number of participants from 1992.


National Life Chain Sunday builds 800 with 975,000 participants.

Even in inclement weather, people from the greater Orlando, Florida area gather to form the LIFE Chain.
Hundreds of people from Tarrant County, Texas form a LIFE Chain and stand silently in prayer for the unborn.

Bakersfield, California holds the second Life Chain with 7,500 participants from 101 churches.


Please Let Me Live (PLML), a small pro-life ministry based in Yuba City, California builds the first Life Chain. Royce Dunn, President of PLML is the visionary behind Life Chain. More than 2,500 Christians attend holding Abortion Kills Children signs while praying for the nationwide crisis.

Abortion Kills Children

Like other pro-life ministries, Please Let Me Live sponsored rallies, prayers vigils, marches, pickets, petitions, letter drives, billboards, full-page ads, pastors’ breakfasts, and youth campaigns. We prayed for creative ideas that went beyond the traditional efforts. In 1987 God revealed the LIFE CHAIN and the Abortion Kills Children sign to us in a profound faith-building manner. This message has been the foremost life saver, by a wide margin, and in each Chain, it is requested that at least half of all signs should convey this message. —Royce E. Dunn

Church Oriented and Pastor Focused

Please Let Me Live has always been a friend to crisis pregnancy centers. In the early 1990’s began emphasizing and promoting sidewalk counseling. We believe that pro-life’s greatest need is for pastors to lead their congregations—legally, peacefully, and compassionately—to help end abortion in America.