5 steps to

Organize a Life Chain
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1. Assemble Your Team ("Chapter")

These should be people who will work together to coordinate the details of your LIFE CHAIN, communicate with the community, and collaborate for the LIFE CHAIN’s success. Membership should ideally include representatives from all local pro-life organizations, while also drawing from other organizations and the local Church.

Gather believers who represent the body of Christ in your area. They should be committed to leading the Church in prayer and repentance, have pure hearts that labor for unity amongst believers, and work together in a spirit of humility and sacrifice. These committee members need not be prominent local personalities but should possess the Scriptural gifts of administration and be true servants.

Value minority membership and pastoral counsel. Nonwhites endure disproportionately high abortion rates, and your LIFE CHAIN can help to improve race relations throughout your community. Pastors will be able to assist in reaching other pastors and encouraging more local churches to participate in the LIFE CHAIN.

Most planning teams include 7-40 members, depending upon the size of their city. In larger areas, some teams establish smaller districts. This may allow for greater internal organization, as you work together to promote and plan for your LIFE CHAIN.

Keep in mind that this coalition will remain a powerful leadership force after the LIFE CHAIN ends.

Register your Chapter so you can log in and use Life Chain tools, like create your local event.

2. Make a Plan

Begin meeting 3-6 months in advance, to give yourselves enough time. Begin early, so that you have enough time to promote effectively. Schedule-out your team meetings in advance.

Decide upon the proper location for your LIFE CHAIN, as well as a nearby meeting place. LIFE CHAINS generally take place on busy thoroughfares where sidewalks or wide shoulders exist. Compute the distance of your route in feet, and estimate the number of participants you could accommodate when spaced 10, 20, or 30 feet apart. Some LIFE CHAINS form crosses. If reasonably possible, route your LIFE CHAIN past local abortion clinics, but keep in mind the importance of your visibility to passers-by.

Decide when you will be standing. Most chains will stand on National LIFE CHAIN Sunday, during the official time, but this is not always the case. Some cities also host LIFE CHAINS on multiple dates.

In larger cities sometimes multiple chain locations are coordinated, in order to accommodate for more participants and a wider witness. In the spirit of the LIFE CHAIN’s commitment to unity, we ask that all local chains (if there are multiple) be sponsored by the same LIFE CHAIN committee, working in partnership and support of one another.

3. Register your Life Chain Event

Once you register your Chapter, you can set up your local event, which will let us know of your plans, so we can support your committee and help publicize your LIFE CHAIN.

4. Promote!

Invite the body of Christ to stand with you and inform the media of your LIFE CHAIN. Visit LifeChain.org for promotional materials and press releases that are available for your use.

Strategically assign members of your planning team to contact the churches and organizations in your area. Knowing how busy many churches and ministries are, you may need to reach-out multiple times before building a partnership.

We suggest that you prepare a master list of the churches and ministries in your area, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and names. Use an online source like www1.csn.com/spiritual-life/church-directory, or church.org, the Yellow Pages, the Church Page in your local newspaper, mailing lists from local pro-life and other Christian organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, ministerial associations, and other sources.

Make sure that local law enforcement is informed of your LIFE CHAIN. Meet with a ranking Christian official early-on, to allow time to work-out any difficulties. Give the officer a copy of your route map and the code of conduct. If necessary, the local officer may call officials who have had LIFE CHAINS in their cities. This meeting is not to ask permission for your event, but to show respect for their responsibilities and to thank them for any support they may offer.

5. Order or Print Signs

Official signs are available for purchase from Life-Support.org, our partner printer. Free PDFs are also available at LifeChain.org, if you choose to print locally.

We ask that you only use the approved LIFE CHAIN signs, or hold crosses. In addition to official LIFE CHAIN signs, we also welcome the use of 40 Days for Life’s “Pray to End Abortion” sign, as well as Silent No More’s “I Regret My Abortion” sign. (Only women who have had prior abortions should hold “I Regret My Abortion.”)

LIFE CHAIN allows for local freewill offerings to cover the signs and any planning expenses but discourages fundraising beyond this. Consider donating any extra funding to a local pregnancy center, or a similar ministry.

The Quick Start Guide is a simplified version of the original Resource Guide.

The Resource Guide is a detailed instruction manual used since 1987, giving specific and detailed instructions on how to build a successful Life Chain.

Upcoming Events

October 3, 2021 - Life Chain Sunday

2:00-3:30pm. The first Sunday in October is Life Chain Sunday. It is a time to stand in peaceful, prayerful public witness alongside other local believers. Find a Life Chain in your area for more details and directions, or sign-up to start a Life Chain in your city. Purchase signs here.

january 21, 2022 - March for life

1:00-4:00pm. Each January, pro-life organizations and advocates gather in Washington D.C. to make a public witness for life near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Oftentimes pro-life groups attend together, so check with your local committees for travel plans. Learn more here...

January 23, 2022 - Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Time Varies. Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is observed each year on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and is a time for believers to grieve the tragedy of abortion. Find your local pregnancy center, and ask your church to invite a representative to speak.