Life Chain Principles
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Since 1987

These Principles Have Sustained the Life Chain

Important Information

Thank you for supporting the following principles. They rely wholly on your loyalty and mine. To understand them fully and to ensure maximum Life Chain attendance, see the “Life Chain Materials”.

Thank you, Friend, for providing local leadership and for making National Life Chain Sunday a reality each October.

Life Chain Sunday, October 4, 2020









Notify Local Officials

Notify local police of the time and place of your Chain. If you encounter difficulty with local officials, contact us for assistance, and delay your Chain until the problem is resolved. 


Prayer Chain

Promote this to be a true “prayer chain,” free of frivolity, idle chatter, and interaction with motorists. Use signs with pre-printed prayer topics or print a flyer with this information. Encourage pastors to prepare their people for a time of prayer and purposeful reflection. Have pro-life literature available.


Pastoral Leadership

Respectfully urge senior pastors to “lead” their people to their local Chain and to passionately urge their church families to attend. Pastoral leadership is primary to our Chain’s success.


Stress Safety

Use sidewalks or wide road shoulders. Utilize trained and properly equipped marshals to supervise. Be able to reach emergency services at a moment’s notice.


Remain Focused

Please avoid all political activity! Only God can end abortion and meet our nation’s vital needs.


Spacing is Key

Maximize your Life Chain. Space your participants up to 100 feet apart. Only 53 people will cover a full mile; 215 will cover 5 miles; 530 will cover 10 miles.


Engage Volunteers

Use a Response (Survey) Form to recruit year-round volunteers.


Know Your Surroundings

Inform participants of the nearest abortuary, and recruit sidewalk counselors through your Response Form if the abortuary is local or within reasonable driving distance.


Free-Will Offering

Limit fund raising to a free-will offering to cover your costs.


Birth Control Handouts

Educate your participants about abortifacient birth controls by using an appropriate handout.


Everyone Welcome

Encourage minorities and people of all faiths to attend your Christian-led Chain.


Sign Usage

Abortion Kills Children is Life Chain’s foremost life-saving message. Please do not use graphic signs. They have purposeful uses, but Life Chain strives to encourage Christians from the pews to the sidewalks.


News Media

Assist the media as best you can. Provide a press release, but do not worry about media coverage or allow pride (if attendance is weak) to steal your hope and trust. God can control public perception and turn “bad news” or even “no news” into favorable results.


Serve God

Submit your Life Chain to God and seek His anointing. We build our Chain to serve as a witness for God to work through as He purposes.


Scheduled Time

The publicized Life Chain time period is 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. in each time zone, but each Coordinator may adjust the time to meet local needs. Please hold a 90-minute Chain if at all possible.


Pro-Life Ministry Signs

Life Chain warmly welcomes pro-life ministries and encourage use of their non-graphic signs. Some examples include: Silent No More’s powerful I Regret My Abortion signs (only women who have had abortions should hold those signs). 40 Days for Life, Students for Life, and others. 


Original Signs

Original sign designs are permitted, with Coordinator approval. Please follow the “Life Chain’s Sign Policy”.


Share Your  Story

Please report any accident, serious problem, or share special blessings to the national Life Chain office. You are not asked to report attendance.